Subject Re: delete row in dataset
From Victorio <> <Victorio <>>
Date Sat, 09 Jun 2018 13:58:33 +0100
Newsgroups sqlexpress

Hi, Mr. Boris,

Yes, You are true, I have not define :setprimarykey() , when I include it (oCursorolp:setprimarykey("C_PROC"), it works fine !.
I did not know for what this function is.

Thank you very much, You helped me very!!

And I can confirm, I use datased, and after changes (fieldput()) used :commit or :updaterow, and database
updated also on server side, or other plase where is placed.

for updating, because program works in LAN, I use fetchdata, because other user can made some changes.

Now I have not any secure as transaction, then is risk to add record with same ID, but this can be realize
with unique prefix of user to generate ID.

I must examine also replace ORDER BY from SELECT to :setorder() to compare speed, because now when compare
"SQL" system with old DBF/CDX, SQL open databases slowly mainly when database is on remote server.

I have one question about sample sources,  this in installation from you is good, but more different examples would help to inspire for use in different solutions.

Again, thanks you very much.


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