Subject Re: delete row in dataset
From Boris Borzic <bb> <Boris Borzic <bb>>
Date Sat, 9 Jun 2018 15:33:44 +0200
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Victorio <> wrote in news:7h2k8f0g2u7lffv.090620181458@daz17:

> I must examine also replace ORDER BY from SELECT to :setorder() to
> compare speed, because now when compare "SQL" system with old DBF/CDX,
> SQL open databases slowly mainly when database is on remote server.

Suggest you look at Advantage Database Server. It has a much better ODBC
driver and in a multi-user environment ADS has better speed, supports
transactions and greatly reduces chance of database corruption.

Note that Advantage provides 2 interfaces:

1. ADS (Advantage Database Server) - this is client/server version where
ADS is installed on a separate server and your Xbase++ applications
connect to & access DBF files through ADS. You (or your customers) need
to buy a license for ADS.

2. ALS (Advantage Local Server) - this is the free (file-based) version
where each Xbase++ application connects to the DBF files directly via the

By modifying an ADS.INI file, you can control how your application
connects to Advantage. For example in testing/development and small
systems you can use the free ALS and for large production databases you
can use ADS. No code changes needed!

Some additional info here:
and direct links to download Advantage clients:

Advantage Client Engine:

Advantage Data Architect:

Advantage StreamlineSQL ODBC driver (optional):

Best regards,
Boris Borzic
industrial strength Xbase++ development tools

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