Subject Commit to dataset
From Victorio <> <Victorio <>>
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2018 11:53:39 +0100
Newsgroups sqlexpress

Hi Boris,

Deleting records in dataset works fine, problem solved with primarykey.

Now deleting records from dataset works quite fine, but when many records (in my example 12000 rows), :commit() need more time, about 2 minutes.
Is it normal behavior ? Or I have something wrong ?
All operations in dataset is quick, but when I need update changes for many records to server, this need
more time.

Is only one way to update data from dataset to DBF file with :commit ?

Note: time is same when DBF is on local PC or on remote pc.
and I do not want drop table, deleting only "my" records, because table is used in LAN

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