Subject SQLSelect, RecCount() and SQL_XPP_ERROR
From Raimundo Alba <> <Raimundo Alba <>>
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2018 10:20:09 +0100
Newsgroups sqlexpress


I'm rewritting an old piece of code involving error control made by other guy many years ago and would like to ask a question about.

Whenever a connection is opened and a SQLSelect is done there is a check for SQL_XPP_ERROR state but also there is a routine checking RecCount() result value not being "-1".

Now I'm seeing as SQLExpress documentation shows that this result in a "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM..." statement being executed too and this is overheating the system.

My question is that if really needed this second control for errors or if there is any other more lightweight of doing it, maybe and eof() control?

In which error scenarios RecCount() could return -1 without having a SQL_XPP_ERROR state?

Thanks in advance.
Raimundo Alba

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