Subject Re: NULL STMT handle
From Boris Borzic <bb> <Boris Borzic <bb>>
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2019 09:34:45 +0100
Newsgroups sqlexpress

"Adrian Wykrota" <> wrote in

> I haveproc with get of table columns like this:
> LOCAL nThreadId := THREADID()
> IF saColumn[nThread] == NIL
>   soColumn := SQLListColumns(MyGetCon(nThreadId))
>   saColumn[nThread] := soColumn
>   soColumn := saColumn[nThread]
> sometimesmy soColumn object has an error like subject (err no 65534)
> and of course soColumn:Handle is null
> I use Ms SQL Server - how to reconect to get valid odbc handle ?

You can use the :Reconnect method. Just keep in mind that after
reconnecting you will need to re-execute the failed SQL statement.

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Boris Borzic
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