Subject Re: sqlexpress and firebird sql
From Edgar Borger <>
Date Fri, 24 May 2019 16:41:45 -0300
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Hi Boris,

yes, there already a few differences between the 2 SQL flavors, minor syntax issues, that would make me go thru all my code to check....
you see no conflict having firebird and postgresql on the same server ?

Thanks for your input.

Em 24/05/2019 15:03, Boris Borzic escreveu:
> Edgar Borger <> wrote in
> news:i8y0k20650ne3cg.240520191530@daz17:
>> I have a customer running firebird sql for another application, and I
>> want to migrate his current system in dbf files into sql tables, so
>> can I use the same firebird sql that is already running in his server
>> with sqlexpress (via odbc of course) ? if not, can I install
>> postgresql in the same server ? is the use of firebird different from
>> postgre ? will the same routine that I have running in postgre work
>> with firebird ?
> Every DBMS has it's differences. Although ODBC tries to minimize these
> differences for the programmer, it's highly recommended that you test your
> application on the new DBMS.
> My guess would be that installing postgresql in the same server would be
> the simplest solution.

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