Subject Re: XPPFATAL.LOG on Application shut down
From Boris Borzic <ng-at-sqlexpress-dot-net> <Boris Borzic <ng-at-sqlexpress-dot-net>>
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2005 03:14:07 +0200
Newsgroups xb2net


I can duplicate this error by calling :stop() twice or by calling :stop()
followed by :destroy(), or by calling :destroy() twice. I suggest that you
only call these methods once.

I will make the neccessary changes in Xb2.NET so that the error is not

Best regards,
Boris Borzic
industrial strength Xbase++ development tools

"Jim Graham" <J.GRAHAM@PROTELEDATA.COM> wrote in

> If Boris needs my assitance (through the use of my application) in
> tracking this down, I would be happy to help.

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