Subject Re: What objects to destroy
From Boris Borzic <support-at-xb2-dot-net> <Boris Borzic <support-at-xb2-dot-net>>
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2008 19:45:18 -0700
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Cliff Wiernik <> wrote in news:2e8f9053$2cbec5a2

> I have been reviewing the postweb program, which creates a variety of
> class objects.  However, the only one specifically destroyed is oSock.
> The documentation indicates the need to do an implicit destroy if using
> persistent connections.
> I am using xbSSLContext() and xbXMLDocument().  Since it inherits from
> xbHTTPClient() and I am not using persistent connections, is it
> necessary to implicitly destroy the xbXMLDocument object.  It would
> appear that xbSSLContext() needs to be implicitly destroyed.  The
> xbSSLFreeErrorQueue() documentation would seem to indicated that this
> would be necessary to be called as it is not used in conjunction with
> the xbServer, xbSocketThread or xbHTTPThread classes.
> Am I interpreting this correctly.

Yes that is correct.

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Boris Borzic
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