Subject Re: Error in websocket
From Boris Borzic <bb> <Boris Borzic <bb>>
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2019 15:43:36 +0200
Newsgroups xb2net

Robert Diaz <> wrote in news:hfsy3ewk0ma3jdj.170620190728@daz17:

> valid_func_agets() is calling on onkeydown event of each input in the
> forms, each time websocket is opening and closing. websocket is used
> to get client response when executing backend function. When executing
> o:valid, meanwhile confirmbox is there, based on client response we
> need to execute remaining part of o:bvalid codeblock.
> When alt+down pressing in each input ,another function
> alt_down_agets() function is calling[ws_alt_down_agets() backend
> function], where other websocket with different url is creating to
> load help file. after fully loaded,that socket wil close. In each
> input websocket will open and close.
> Above code is working fine when single user works in the form. When
> multi user access the form and click alt-down help or iterating
> throught the form, websocket get crashed and program get hang.

I'm having a hard time understanding what you are trying to accomplish. It
looks like you have user interface elements on both the 'client-side'
(javascript / web browser) and 'server-side' (Xbase++).

It seems like, on the 'server-side' you are manipulating Xbase++ GUI
elements (GET / MLE / Keyboard) from data passed by the web browser.

The most likely reason for the error is your code is not thread-safe. The
websocket function is executing code in a different thread from the GUI
components. You need to create some type of mutex.

Best regards,
Boris Borzic
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