Subject Re: Sql for 1.9
From Boris Borzic <ng-at-sqlexpress-dot-net> <Boris Borzic <ng-at-sqlexpress-dot-net>>
Date Sun, 20 Feb 2005 15:40:40 +0100
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Osvaldo Ramirez <> wrote in

> The idea behind is, for example, when the user want to make a purchase
> order, send to the server a few parameter like, dates, no. of drugs
> stores. and the server take this, and make the big temporal file ...
> and make the purchase order. So when it finished, send a message to
> the station that it finish.
> I am playing with xHarbour, because I want to run it on Xserver.

This is extremely easy to do in Xbase++ using SOAP (Xb2.NET). Example:

client side:

   oRequest := xbSOAPEnvelope():New()
   oRequest:SetVar("dDate", date())
   oRequest:SetVar("nStores", 5)

   oResult := oRequest:Execute("", "MakePO")
   // this is the PO. You can send it as a char string containing
   // the actual PO or a file name where it is stored.
   ? oResult:GetVar("PurchaseOrder")

server side:

   procedure SOAP_MakePO( oIn, oOut )
            Local cPO
            Local dPODate := oIn:GetVar("dDate")
            Local nStores := oIn:GetVar("nStores)

            // create the PO...
            // assume final PO is saved in local var "cPO"
            oOut:SetVar("PurchaseOrder", cPO)

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Boris Borzic
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