Subject How to get all attributes as an array
From Kiron Joseph <>
Date Fri, 27 Dec 2019 12:29:19 +0530
Newsgroups xb2net


Please see the below sample XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <Table Name="SETSIT" Alias="A2" IsMaster="Yes">
         <Column Name="SET_ID" Type="C" Size="1" Decimal="0" />
         <Column Name="SET_CODE" Type="C" Size="10" Decimal="0" />
         <Column Name="SET_DESC" Type="C" Size="80" Decimal="0" />
         <Index Order="01" Name="SETSI1" Key="(SET_ID+SET_CODE)"
For="ENABLE" />
         <Index Order="02" Name="SETSI2" Key="(SET_ID+SET_CODE)"
For="" />
   <Table Name="FORM3A" Alias="A3" IsMaster="No">
         <Column Name="EST_CODE" Type="N" Size="7" Decimal="0" />
         <Column Name="EST_EXTN" Type="C" Size="1" Decimal="0" />
         <Column Name="EMP_NO" Type="N" Size="7" Decimal="0" />
         <Index Order="01" Name="FORM31" Key="EST_CODE+EMP_NO" For=""
   <Table Name="BRANCH" Alias="A4" IsMaster="Yes">
         <Column Name="BRANCHCODE" Type="C" Size="5" Decimal="0" />
         <Column Name="NAME" Type="C" Size="40" Decimal="0" />
         <Column Name="SHORTNAME" Type="C" Size="10" Decimal="0" />
         <Column Name="COMPCODE" Type="C" Size="2" Decimal="0" />
         <Index Order="01" Name="BRANC1" Key="COMPCODE" For="" />
         <Index Order="02" Name="BRANC2" Key="BRANCHCODE" For="" />

I want to get all "Alias" attributes as an array. Like

aAliases:={ "A2","A3","A4"}

Is this possible ?


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