Subject certificate exchange using xbsoapenvelope
From Frans Vermeulen <>
Date Fri, 6 Mar 2020 11:04:48 +0100
Newsgroups xb2net

I am trying to establish a soapconnection using a crt (der)
authentication certificate.

      oSoap   :=XbSoapEnvelope():New(cSoap)
      oSsl    :=XbSslContext():New(TLS_v1_client)
      lSucces :=oSsl:UseCertificateFile(cCertificateFile, SSL_FILETYPE_ASN1)  
      // lSucces == .T. here, so the certificate could be loaded
      // create soapmessage.

A connection is established, SSL negotiation is started, but aborted,
because the certificate is not received. When wiresharking, I can see,
in the TLSv1 record layer: Handshake Protocol: Certificate,
that the total length is 7 bytes. IOW: no certificate is sent.
What am I doing wrong?

I already tried UseCertificateChainFile, UsePKCS12File,
with or without a CipherList, with and without a lot of SetOptions(...),
the result remains the same: no certificate is being sent.

Frans Vermeulen <>

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