Subject Re: httphandler internal codepage
From Boris Borzic <.> <Boris Borzic <.>>
Date Thu, 18 Feb 2021 14:46:58 -0500
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Rene <> wrote in

> i played around with the filterrequest.
> I call a website for example
> In the Filterrequest i change the path from /test to
> /testfunction?param=12345 and let it go through the HTTP Handler. In
> the Httphandler i get  /testfunction%3Fparam=12345 and of course the
> page is not found.
> I cant find where the "?" is replaced and why.
> Calling the function directly through the browser works fine. Only the
> internal change creates this.
> Does anyone have an idea?
> I could add a xbunescape() in the HTTPHandler but i dont wont to mess
> up other flows of the programm.

The :path and :query components must not be mixed. The "?" portion of the
URL is found in the :query variable. You can use :GetVar() / :SetVar() to
get and set individual query params.

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Boris Borzic
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