Subject Re: Dynamic page names via httphandler
From Boris Borzic <.> <Boris Borzic <.>>
Date Fri, 19 Feb 2021 12:59:46 -0500
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Rene <> wrote in

> i want to use dynmaic page names.
> To use the example of my last post
> This is neither a function nor an exisiting html file.
> The interal target function would be web_prodinfo3() with the paramter
> artnr?18365
> So i used filterrequest to change path and added variables with
> SetVar() and return .t. to end the filterrequest and run into the
> httphandler.
> But it never reached the :HTTPHandler and was intercepted be the
> Onnotfound()
> Only when i changed the :startline to match the function (prodinfo3) i
> am calling it finally worked.
> My question now, is that the way to do it?

The server needs to determine if the request is dynamic (eg. a function
call) or static (eg. a file). The following make the request dynamic:

- the :HttpRequest:StartLine contains a question mark "?"
- the :Path is empty and no index file is defined
- the :Path ends with ".PRG" or ".DLL"
- the :Path contains brackets "(" and ")"

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