Subject Re: Authorize.NET ???
From Andreas Gehrs-Pahl <>
Date Sun, 29 Aug 2021 19:51:55 -0400
Newsgroups xb2net
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>Any ideas. The result XML does not appear in the result structure though
>the files show it????

Okay, one more freebee :-)

Based on your code, there are a couple of issues, but the main issues are
that you forgot the leading "{" in your JSON request and that you ignore the
Content of the Response. The XML (or JSON) response text, depending on your
Accept Header, is the Content of the Response -- in UTF-8 format -- (not the
Response Message, which only contains the Headers).

I would also recommend that you change your API Login ID, as you have
published it here, together with your (secret) Transaction Key.

I have attached a working program (based on what you have published here).

Hope that helps,

Andreas Gehrs-Pahl
Absolute Software, LLC

phone: (989) 723-9927

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